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At Elk County Electric, we take pride in our history of quality, prompt service and our long-term dedication to the Kersey, PA, community. With over 20 years of experience, we have the expertise to solve all electrical troubles that ail you. Our electricians proudly perform maintenance, initial equipment installations, and repairs for electrical emergencies. 

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Our electricians at Elk County Electric are skilled and speedy in the performance of our services. We are sure to emphasize both prompt and detailed skills in our employees, as we know that your time is valuable. When your power is out or you need wiring done on a job site, we know that few things are more important than making sure our job is done quickly and safely. Whether we’re installing wiring, diagnosing electrical issues in your system, or replacing breakers and switches, we will be sure to respect your property and time. 

Electrical Emergency Solutions

A dimming light, repeatedly tripping breakers, and random sparks may not seem problematic, but any non-typical behavior from an electrical system can be a cause for concern. Safety devices such as breakers and fuses should not randomly trip. If you’re having these sorts of problems, get in touch with us! Our electricians will recommend the correct repairs so that your system can be returned to its normal operating procedures. Your safety is our priority, which is why we’re fully bonded and insured.

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